What is Sustain Champlain?

Sustain Champlain is a campus-wide initiative strives to infuse sustainability concepts and practices across Champlain College by coordinating and promoting best practices within four areas: our institution, academics, operations, and culture.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sustain Champlain in the News

Last night's Sustainability Panel was a great success!

Many thanks to our panelists:
Jon Griesser from Spring Hill Solutions
Jen Chiodo of Cx Associates
Rachel Nevitt of Full Moon Farm
Beth Sachs from VEIC
Mark Lapin from Middlebury College.

140 students were part of the last night's dialogue. Thank you for joining us!
It's also exciting to see coverage of the event in our local news.

We will be posting some YouTubes of the events so check back soon!

Stay Green!

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