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Sustain Champlain is a campus-wide initiative strives to infuse sustainability concepts and practices across Champlain College by coordinating and promoting best practices within four areas: our institution, academics, operations, and culture.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Perry Hall Open House -- Almost Zero Waste event!

We are making progress. The big Open House event for Perry Hall -- was nearly a zero waste event. At least on the consumer side of things, with having the staffed compost bins and using compostable service items, there was very little trash that went to the landfill. Hopefully this event can set the standard for others on campus!

Thanks to the Green Team:
Students: Lauren Swanson, Annie Grantham, Annie DelMoro, Ashley Shin, Jocellyn Harvey, Chris Clapp, Mike Mullins, Matthew Forrest
Staff: Meghan Hurley, Megan Canella, Jacob Frankovich

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Andy said...

Congratulations on working towards a zero-waste event!

I think that's a fantastic standard to hold and move forward with.

Andy Perkins
The Satisfaction Questionnaire Blog