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Friday, October 29, 2010

Bixi Burlington?

Earlier this week, a group of 14 Burlington-ites, including yours truly, went to Montreal to see the Bixi Public Bike System in action, and see if it is something that might work here in Burlington. The group's consensus? We're going to try! So shout it out if you'd like to see such a system on campus and in town...

Also check out Local Motion's blog posting about the trip, stay tuned for the articles in the Free Press on Sunday, and join in on the ride on Halloween.
BFP articles: Is Burlington ready for Bike Share? and Bixi's in My Backyard

Finally, Burlington City Council recently enacted ordinance changes for bike riders and pedestrians, in addition to clarifying outdated provisions of the ordinances. The changes include:

• Bikes ridden at night must now be equipped with a red light in the rear, as well as a white light in the front;

• Motor vehicles passing bikes must now leave at least 3 feet of space between their vehicle and the bike;

• In order to ensure that all riders are aware of the rules of the road, bike shops and bike rental businesses must now disseminate safety information to everyone who purchases or rents a bike;

• When riding on the sidewalk (where it is not otherwise prohibited) bikes are now required to yield to pedestrians, give an audible signal before passing a pedestrian, operate at a reasonable speed, and come to a complete stop before crossing a street;

• Clarifying language to improve enforcement and understanding, such as it is now illegal to lock a bike to a tree.

These comprehensive updates and changes will make the ordinances easier to understand while providing the Police Department the tools it needs to make Burlington a safer place to ride a bike.

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