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Monday, January 31, 2011

Trash Bash 2010 Results

I was reminded the other day that the results of our most recent waste sort were never posted. And so, drum roll.... here they are.

I know the charts are a bit blurry... so the summary is that in the Student Center, we are doing better on keeping recyclables out of the trash, but folks are still learning what can go in the new compost bins there (or, just aren't paying attention). The sample from the res hall showed that nearly a quarter (25% by weight) of what was in the trash should have been recycled. We're talking plastic bottles and newspapers here.
It has since been brought to my attention that rooms in the res halls do not come with recycling and trash bins (which I assumed happened). This is a new goal for next year, to ensure that each room has their own set of bins. And then we'll keep on teaching folks what goes in what bin.

For now, here's the main list of what gets recycled http://www.cswd.net/recycling/recycling-list/

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