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Sustain Champlain is a campus-wide initiative strives to infuse sustainability concepts and practices across Champlain College by coordinating and promoting best practices within four areas: our institution, academics, operations, and culture.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Trash Bash 2011 Results

Ah, one of my favorite activities of the year... picking through trash. While it might sound gross, and to be fair, it can be pretty gross, it is also pretty enlightening to see what winds up in the pile destined for a hole in the ground (ie landfill). Thanks to Eco-Reps Kayla, Grace, and Skye for playing along.

The results: The good news? Better results than last year (see comparison graphs). The bad news? Still a lot of clearly recyclable items (soda cans & newspapers) in the trash. We also noted several rolls of toilet paper that still had a lot of paper left on them. The work continues…

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